Smartphones – Special Features using latest phones

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Features of Smartphones

Features 2

Smartphones has many features some are inbuilt which manufacturer provide in build with their phones and some features you can download it from online stores in the form of applications like Google store,  iTunes

1) Android

Android Smart phones have had a spotty record with regards to battery life, particularly the standby circumstances. Over-the-best equipment elements can deplete even generally substantial batteries, while programming customizations by telephone producers, and applications that continue tasting power regardless of the possibility that you’re not utilizing them, all relentlessly purge the battery.Google’s past endeavor at taking care of this issue, named Project Volta, which took off a year ago with Android 5.0 Lollipop, was insufficient in light of the fact that it depended on designers to actualize control sparing elements in their applications. The outcomes were scarcely observed, considering the general recognition that battery life on Android telephones deteriorated with Android Lollipop, worse.


This year Google has attempted again with Android Doze as a major aspect of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This component wasn’t depicted as an enchantment pill that would bend over battery life, but instead as something that would counteract wastage of battery when the telephone is not being used. The magnificence of Doze exists in the usage of this component – chiefly what Doze does is not altogether different from what Sony had presented with Stamina mode, or what ‘low-power modes’ on different telephones do, which is fundamentally to kill foundation application action. The greater part of those arrangements were excessively exceptional be that as it may and fundamentally transformed your cell phone into a feature phone.The ‘unique sauce’ of Doze is its dependence on movement sensors to limit foundation application action. Snooze wouldn’t spare your battery when you’re moving, how ever cuts in when the telephone is resting unused, on your table. Snooze allows applications to refresh themselves at set interims, yet it keeps them from all waking the CPU one by one for the duration of the day.


In true situations, individuals with Nexus 5 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow have seen only 2 to 3 percent drop in battery levels, following seven hours of not utilizing the telephone. Interestingly, a Lollipop telephone dropped a few percent in battery levels each hour, notwithstanding when the telephone was not being used. Nap is consistent, and brings the standby time for your telephone to standard with what IoS clients have encountered for a considerable length of time. You can even make it more forceful with a straightforward hack that makes Doze kick-in more rapidly.


2) Actionable Notifications for outsider applications in iOS 9

Noteworthy warnings was a small element expansion in iOS 8 that got little consideration a year ago, perhaps in light of the fact that it was constrained to default applications like iMessage. In iOS 9, Apple fortunately opened this concealed diamond to engineers utilizing an API, a large portion of whom actualized it inside a couple of months of the iOS 9 discharge.(Likewise observe: 15 iOS 9 Features That Make Your iPhone and iPad Better Than Ever) Envision this situation – you’re utilizing your telephone and some individual sends you a message on a visit application like Whatsapp. Rather than tapping on the warning to dispatch the application, then answer, lastly come back to what you’re doing, with significant notices, essentially pulling down on that notice shade uncovers an answer box, where you can simply sort and hit send. There’s no compelling reason to juggle between applications while at the same time talking with individuals and utilizing your telephone any longer.Noteworthy notices are not limited to quite recently speedy answers; application designers can put normally utilized application activities there too. For instance, FB Messenger has the famous ‘thumbs-up’ as an activity thing when you pull down a visit warning.


3) Multi-client unique mark Authentication on Cool OS (Android)

With Touch ID in 2013, Apple prepared for unique mark scanners to wind up plainly a standout amongst the most advantageous equipment elements to have in a cell phone. The following year, Android 5.0 Lollipop presented multi-client mode which, similar to a PC, would compartmentalize your information to your record. This year, Android may have brought out-of-the-case bolster for unique mark scanners with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, yet it missed the watercraft on this extraordinarily fantastic utilize case that Cool OS, a modified variation of Android found on Coolpad cell phones at long last conveyed.

The Coolpad Note 3 is a cheap telephone with a unique mark scanner that functions admirably. Be that as it may, all the more critically, covered up inside the settings menu is an alternative to tie a client profile to a unique mark. Consider this situation – you as a proprietor of the gadget, can tie another client, (for example, your tyke maybe) with their unique mark.When you open the telephone with your unique mark, you will get the opportunity to see your information, however when the other individual opens the telephone utilizing theirs, the OS consistently changes to that client’s profile, so you could give your youngsters a chance to play diversions on your telephone without agonizing over them sending an email to your manager.

Viably, this turns into the most straightforward approach to permit others to utilize your telephone, without uncovering your information (like messages, photographs, talks and so on). On the off chance that you would prefer not to make isolate clients, you can likewise bolt individual applications with a unique mark; much like application locker applications, yet implicit and helpful to utilize.


4) Google Photos App

Google’s Photos application as of now merits a gesture of congratulations for giving individuals a chance to go down the same number of photographs as they need, insofar as they’re alright with them being sensibly compacted. This takes a major migraine off from physically backing them up, in the event that you know, your Smartphone is lost, broken, or altered.

Other features are as given below :-

  • 1) Digital Camera
  • 2) GPS & Navigation
  • 3) Gaming
  • 4) Web browsers
  • 5) Video Calling
  • 6) Email
  • 7) Voice activated Assistant
  • 8) Mobile tag reader
  • 9) Wifi


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