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Smart phones description with History




Smart Phones

Smartphones is mix technology of cell phones &computers they have ability to do multi tasks as similarly computers do. They have features like web browsers, camera, navigation systems etc. It is a small pocket portable device with touch screen ability to control the device. It runs on different types of technologies like Android, IOS, and Windows etc. World first Smartphone was Simon Personal Communicator and it was created by IBM before Apple released its first I phone more than 15 years before. It was first displayed in COMDEX tradeshow of computer Industry as a concept model. It was featured with a monochrome LCD screen measuring 4.5 inches and comes along with a stylus.

Instead of making or receiving call just like in old cell phones lots of activities can done with the Simon Personal Communicator like sending and receiving emails, faxes , can also store personal information in notepad, world clock, schedule appointment. Nowadays smart phones are much lighter and thin in size and run lots of applications and also third party software’s can be installed in smart phones. Due to high in demand Smartphone technology are changing very frequently and now a day it is seen in everybody pocket. Smart phones have changed the world and they have made every human being digitally connected all time for this just need internet for this.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart phone:-


We can download various kinds of applications like: – educational, news , movies ,listening to music. Also access your social media like Face book, Twitter. With the help of smart phones you don’t need to carry your laptop as you can access email, explore websites as you surf in your laptop. Smart phones are enabled with GPS navigation we can find locations very easily. Paying your electricity bills, Water bills, book tickets without waiting in queue and wasting your time etc. There are lots of applications available which can help in your daily life Shopping, Grocery purchase just you have to download that particular app all with the help of smart phones. Smart phones have made our life as easy as all the information you get just one click from your finger in the touch screen.



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